Adoption Fees


Why do Rescues have Adoption Fees?

Spark Rescue is not subsidized by state or federal funds, we rely on private donations, a yearly grant, and adoption donations to keep our rescue running so we can continue to save lives.

Spark Rescue is run by our invaluable volunteers who donate their time to care for our animals but there are daily care costs as well as additional costs for each animal.

The adoption fees partially cover the fees Spark Rescue Santa Barbara pays for pull-fees from kill shelters, transportation, vaccination and medical costs and more. We are able to help countless animals that other shelters may not able to save and are grateful for your adoption fee donation which allows us to do so. Please continue reading for more information!

Dog Adoption Fees

$0 - $750

*If the adoption fee is not solely applied to your specific dog, it will help subsidize the costs of other dogs who may need additional costs.

Cat Adoption Fees

Kitten: $175 each, 2 for $300
Cats over 3 years: $150 each, 2 for $250
Speciality breed cats/ kittens: $250 each
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Types of fees

  • Pull Fee: All shelters charge a pull fee for any animal that is released to a rescue organization. Pull fees can be up to $150 per animal.
  • Transport: Most of our pets come from several hours away and a 'paid transport' is needed to bring them to our rescue.
  • Spay and neuter: Even with a discount, spay and neuter fees add up, especially if there are complications.
  • Medical care: Some of our animals arrive with injuries, chronic health issues, or will come down with illnesses such as kennel cough, pneumonia, parvo virus which require vet care and result in super-sized vet bills. Adoption fees help cover these costs.
  • Everything else: vaccinations, microchipping, dewormer, flea-treatment, grooming, food and supplies make up most of what remains of the adoption fee.

Why do the fees differ?

Our adoption fees are based on the time estimated at our shelter and under our care.

Young puppies are cute, fluffy, and irresistible. Their higher adoption fee helps subsidize the costs of the older dogs.

​OLDER AND WISER: Adult dogs over 3 years of age are tops in our book, but those cute little puppies always steal the attention. So, we've given this group of dogs a lower fee to help move the spotlight towards them.

​'DISNEY DOGS' & 'DOODLES': These dogs are always in high demand andtheir higher adoption fee helps subsidize the cost of our dogs with medical needs or are in rescue longer.

Spark Rescue

Spark Rescue Santa Barbara is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit charity animal rescue organization, founded in February 2014, in Santa Barbara, CA, by Susan Park.

We Provide:
  • Rescue of cats & dogs from kill shelters and from the streets of Southern California
  • Foster homes to provide our rescues with a loving temporary home.
  • Adoption of rescued pets to qualified homes that have been properly screened and counseled by our Adoption Coordinator.
  • Rehoming of pets that are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them.
Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring adoptable homeless pets that have been abused, abandoned and overbred into our program for social rehabilitation and emotional recovery and re-home them to permanent, loving homes. We hope to educate the public to help end euthanasia in Santa Barbara and Southern California through spaying and neutering and by preventing backyard breeding.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to acquire land and have the ability to rescue and house as many animals as possible. We would like to offer a sanctuary where the animals will be free to roam and socialize, but still be in a family environment. We want a place where potential adopters can come visit our rescues and where volunteers can come together and give the rescues as much love and attention as possible.

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