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The Foster-to-Adopt Arrangement ​

If a dog is not already in a foster home, we allow adopters the opportunity to foster the dog which they are interested in adopting. This means you would be allowed to house a dog temporarily to see if you think it is a good fit. Fostering-to-adopt also gives you an advantage in that you would be first in line to adopt the dog. Often, this is the best way to adopt our most highly adoptable dogs, because they tend to get adopted very quickly.

You will need to complete a Dog Adoption Application and a Foster contract before fostering.

Things to note:

  • While you are fostering and have not adopted the dog, the dog is still Spark Rescue's property.  We will be the decision maker on veterinary care, grooming, etc. Spark will provide all necessary items for the dog and will pay for food, grooming and medical care.  Spark reserves the right to pick up the dog at any time, if we deem that he or she is not properly cared for
  • You will have 14 days to decide if the dog is a good fit for you. After that time, the dog will be posted for adoption.  You will then continue to care for the dog as foster-only and assume responsibility for showing the dog to prospective adopters and during events. Please remember that once an applicant from the general public has been told the dog is available, we cannot allow you to adopt over that applicant.
  • You must never leave the dog in the care of others without express Spark permission while fostering .  If you are fostering a puppy that has not received a full set of Parvo shots, you must not take the dog out in public places (including dog parks, the beach, your neighborhood, etc.) no exceptions! Santa Barbara has a high risk of the deadly Parvo disease which is contracted via ground contact.  Also, naturally, fostering will not be allowed if you have any aggressive animals in your home.

Will the adoption fee be less if I foster-to-adopt?

No, unfortunately the adoption fee will be the same as if you didn't foster. Our fees pay for medical, food and material costs and we do not receive government funding. ​

For a more comprehensive view on our Foster Program, please download our Foster Brochure.

Spark Rescue

Spark Rescue Santa Barbara is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit charity animal rescue organization, founded in February 2014, in Santa Barbara, CA, by Susan Park.

We Provide:
  • Rescue of cats & dogs from kill shelters and from the streets of Southern California
  • Foster homes to provide our rescues with a loving temporary home.
  • Adoption of rescued pets to qualified homes that have been properly screened and counseled by our Adoption Coordinator.
  • Rehoming of pets that are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them.
Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring adoptable homeless pets that have been abused, abandoned and overbred into our program for social rehabilitation and emotional recovery and re-home them to permanent, loving homes. We hope to educate the public to help end euthanasia in Santa Barbara and Southern California through spaying and neutering and by preventing backyard breeding.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to acquire land and have the ability to rescue and house as many animals as possible. We would like to offer a sanctuary where the animals will be free to roam and socialize, but still be in a family environment. We want a place where potential adopters can come visit our rescues and where volunteers can come together and give the rescues as much love and attention as possible.

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